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Midas NFX 2021 R1 Build 20210413

Free Download midas NFX 2021 for Windows it is an integrated finite element analysis program for structural, CFD simulation and optimization design. It provides efficient and accurate analysis together with an integrated pre-post processor, developed by senior mechanical engineers with over 20 years of CAE software development expertise.

Overview of midas NFX 2021 Benefits

Within its highly interactive and visual environment, users have access to a variety of practical tools which can help to build, edit and manipulate CAE models. For 2D and 3D FE model creation, the users are free to use midas NFX’s powerful auto-meshers as well as extensive manual meshing tools.

Midas NFX 2019 provides total solutions from high-end structural analysis functions such as contact analysis, nonlinear analysis, implicit / explicit dynamic analysis and fatigue analysis in addition to high-end fluid analysis functions such as moving mesh, free surface analysis and mass transfer analysis. Additionally midas NFX provides practical topology and size optimization considering static/dynamic analyses and manufacturing processes.

Midas NFX

Overview of Program Features

  1. Modeling
    1.1. Mesh layer control tool
    1.2. CFD: “Show unassociated faces” tool
  2. Analysis
    2.1. Random Vibration fatigue calculation support
    2.2. Fatigue – Mean Stress Correction methods has been added
  3. Post-Processing
    3.1. Uniform vector alignment
    3.2. Streamline saving option
    3.3. User-defined output vectors
Password :
LINK DOWNLOAD midas NFX 2021 R1 build 2021.04.13 x64.part1 midas NFX 2021 R1 build 2021.04.13 x64.part2

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